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This week end will be true test of the creative abilities of our top 7. The theme , so to speak is MANODHARMA. Its all about what comes from inside. cramming. memorizing. and OB ADUCHUFYING won’t help. Though there is a raga framework to follow, the judges are free to ask anything. swaram n nerawal can be asked in any place in that kriti. so if the judges choose to ask things that the candidates have not prepared then its really GAME ON. points will be awarded based on the who answers best n also fastest. who will survive n who will be eliminated ?


After the exciting marriage song round which saw all our candidates come out in their finest silks n jewels… we had our first double elimination that’s now left us with the top 7. these 7 will battle it out this coming weekend in a round that most find scary MANODHARMA. catch them singing raagam . nerawal . swaram n more

Though most of our candidates were attempting fusion for the first time… they all had great fun. Aditya , sangeetha and narayanan came out with flying colours. We had three firsts 1. never before have the candidates been asked who they think shud win golden voice of the week 2. our first NO ELIMINATION round 3. sangeetha won a voucher for the first time.

I thought aditya really captured and embraced the essence of the fusion round yesterday. I look forward to seeing who , in his or her performance today will bring in some OUT OF THE box elements .

We started with hundreds. Then only 15 made it to the thematic rounds. Time flies… n now we are down to the top 9. Our next round will be even more challenging than previous rounds. Guess what it is? I’ll give a small hint…. This round when it was announced….was the round about which the candidates were MOST NERVOUS and MOST EXCITED.

Its always a challenge to sing something that’s not necessarily in ones comfort zone. our top 10 have already faced n crossed the hurdle of singing in Marathi(abhang ) braj bhasha (bhajan ) . These candidates are most in their element when they’re singing carnatic but we’ll have to wait n watch how comfortable they are singing movie songs. Of course they are NOT being asked to sing kuthu paatu or item numbers …but very classical movie songs. im very excited to see this weekend episode on swarna sangeetham .

This week is all about the classics. I mean film songs. That ‘s right… our top 10 are gonna try their hand at film music. The songs will be from an era where film music n classical music were not necessarily looked upon as two separate entities or genres. Classical musicians were the ones who rendered songs for movies as well. So get set to walk down memory lane with Tanishq swarna sangeetham’s CLASSICAL FILM SONGS ROUND

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  • Prema Rajshekar: Going to be exiting for the listener and nerve wracking for the canditates.
  • Niranjan: It was heartening to see that each of the candidates enthusiastically nominated someone other than themselves when asked as to who should win the gold
  • Prema Rajshekar: Aditya at last gets a prize. Ashwath is outstanding in every round.How did Aishwarya come in the bottom 3 is beyond my understanding.Anyway the whole